Urbanist Returns!

Gary Nelson published the newsletter Urbanist in Troy, NY, in the 1970’s. The newsletter was a critique of urban policies, especially the demolition of historical urban fabric for Urban Removal [sic] and highway projects.

The highway battles led to a successor newsletter, The Rolling Resistance, in the later 1970’s and into the 1980’s.  This newsletter allied with CONTACT-U.S., a national organization compiling materials on transportation issues.   CONTACT-U.S. had grown out of the fight against I-66 in northern Virginia.  The archives now held by Gary Nelson include source documents on hundreds of highway battles from the 1970’s and include the files of the Highway Action Coalition that was active in the eraly 1970’s.

Gary Nelson is currently completing a draft book on planning, critical of the top-down and federally-funded programs that disrupted urban places and corrupted local decision making.  The book includes perspectives from a 40-year career in transportation systems engineering and planning, including advanced transit systems, the air traffic management system and the Intelligent Transportation System.


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